200 "Amnesia" Roses ($1.95 per rose)

Price: $390.00

Availability: 2 weeks in advance

Prod. Code: 200 "Amnesia" Roses

About this item

  • Approximate stem length: 50 cm/19 in

  • Approximate bloom size: 5 cm/ 2 in
  • Imported from Ecuador
  • Price per stem: $1.95
  • Stems per Box: 200
  • Color: "Amnesia" roses have a pale purple tone with some calming shades of gray, which makes them perfect for a vintage-themed wedding. 

amnesia roses las vegas


  • Roses are available year round. 
  • Roses are shipped in 25-stem bunches. Roses are packed in two layers to ensure protection during shipping. 12 roses on the top layer, 13 roses on the bottom layer. 
  • Roses are shipped fresh from the farm. They will have thorns and guard petals.
  • Remove thorns and guard petals before arranging flowers.
  • Roses are shipped in bud form; once the rose is hydrated, the bloom will open to a much larger size.

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