150 Red Roses FREEDOM ($3.11 each)

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Price: $466.50

Availability: 4-5 days in advance


Price per stem: $3.11

Stems per Box: 150

Color: RED


Sold by: Stem
Quantity per BOX: 150
Stems per Bunch: 25 st/bu
Stem Length 50cm. (20 in.) or 60cm (24in)
Client Care Information: Remove guard petals and re-cut roses under water and place in a mixture of warm water and fresh flower food solution. Many florists use hydrating solutions prior to placing in a food solution. 
Storage Temperature: 1°Celsius 
Miscellaneous Information:

Upon receipt, roses should be straight and self supporting. Blooms and foliage should be free from physical damage, insects and spray residue. Roses should be kept in coolers with a relative humidity level lower than 94% to reduce the risk of Botrytis.