75 stems Amaranthus Hanging Green ($2.30 stem)

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Prod. Code: Amaranthus Hanging Green

The long slender spikes and drooping flower clusters of the Hanging Green Amaranthus cascade down up to 18", forming a natural counterpoint to vertically pointing down. This hanging type cascades in bouquets and in overhead arrangements creating a stirring canopy. These come in a 5 stem bouquet (varies slighty by grower and season).

Size: Stem length is 20"-25"

Vase life: 5-7 days depending on environmental conditions.

Availability: All Year

Suggestions: Wonderful for cascading arrangements. Very commonly used to hang over edges of table arrangements or cascade from vases in tall pieces. Also great for archway decoration


75 stems

Amaranthus Hanging Green

$2.30 stem