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We also have available this color:

White Dendrobiums White
Celine Dendrobiums Purple 
Pink Bom Dendrobiums Purple & White 
Misteen Dendrobiums Lavender & White 
Marco Polo Dendrobiums Light Pink & White 
Jury Peach Dendrobiums Peach & White 
Sakura Dendrobiums Lavender & White
Doreen Dendrobiums Lavender
Icci Cool Dendrobiums Light Pink & White 
Jacky Dendrobiums Hot Pink Striped 
Fatima Dendrobiums Green 
Jade Siam Dendrobiums Green & Pink Lip 
Evergreen Dendrobiums Green 
Jade Gold Dendrobiums Gold & Pink Lip 
Splash Dendrobiums Lavender Striped 
Rinda Dendrobiums Fuchsia 
Blue Diamond Lavender 
Sugar Pink Dendrobiums Lavender 
Diana Dendrobiums Purple (Grape) 
Candy Stripe Dendrobiums Lavender Striped 
Rice Pink Dendrobiums Lavender 
Ezumi Dendrobiums Deep Purple 
Royal Fuchsia Dendrobiums Dark Purple - Burgundy 
Grace Pink Dendrobiums Hot Pink 
Pinky Lip Dendrobiums White & Purple Lip 
Red Lip Dendrobiums White & Purple Lip


Mokara Twilight Yellow 
Mokara Lawaii Yellow 
Mokara Twilight Orange Orange 
Mokara Punee Yellow & Brown Specks
Mokara Ruby Red
Mokara Bright Fire Orange Orange
Mokara Calipso Hot Pink 
Mokara AnyCool Purple
Mokara Jub Kuan Lavender
Mokara Cho Puya Gold Yellow
Mokara Isabelle Amber 
Mokara Buffalo Orange


Dendrobium Orchids are shipped with a water tube on each stem. Upon receipt of the flowers, remove the water tube, cut the stems about 1/2 inch up from the bottom and put them in clean water.

The stems of the Dendrobium Orchids need to be re-cut to encourage water uptake. Once the stems are cut and you have placed the flowers in water, you will see a dramatic improvement in their appearance as the flowers perk up and continue to open.

If you have to transport the Dendrobium Orchids any great distance you can re-charge the water tubes. To do this, simply remove the water tube, submerge it in a bucket of water and shake the tube. As you do so, the tube will re-fill with water. Cut the stem about 1/2" up from the bottom and replace the water tube on the bottom of the stem.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed. 




To add extra one or two more bunches or centerpieces to your order please call us at



  • We recommend that most flowers be scheduled to be delivered 2-3 days prior to an event. All flowers are harvested just prior to delivery.
  • Delicate flowers such as Lily of the Valley, Gardenias, and Stephanotis are best when delivered 1-2 days before the event.
  • Iris have a short vase life so the delivery should be scheduled 2 days prior to your event.
  • Peonies, Garden Roses and Ranunculus may take longer to open during cold months. Schedule delivery of these flowers 3-4 days prior to your event.
  • Alstroemeria, Gladiolus, Agapanthus, Stars of Bethlehem, Sunflowers, and Lilies may require at least 3 days for blooming. Consider scheduling delivery of these flowers 3-4 days before your event.

How can I Buy Flowers?

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For bulk flowers we require
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You can place the order Online,
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         Buy " Mixed COMBO BOXES         

Variety of flowers in one box, 
in different quantities, to create your 

own bouquets or arrangments. 





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